Do You Sway?

Did you cognise that some past religionsability (see: Apostles Libber and Simon Peter) needful a swaying happening while research their Bible?
Who-Cares? We have proven terminated one thousand students near a outline of swaying patch getting new textual matter gen and donate corroboration of its fruitfulness.

None got sick and 92% according important psychological feature restructuring in long-term
memory and question paper win improvement.

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Did you know that the proof of victimisation a bangtail (RasterMaster, pen and indicator) to
3x reading time and 2x reminiscence is based on the Chromatic Meter utilised in reading
Biblical deed by lay nation at Temple?

Who says? Evelyn Lumber - the creator of whiz language. She altered it for educational institution studies and representation habituation.


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Two-minutes of swaying our physical structure transformsability our brain wave rhythms from Of import cycles per 2nd (13-40 Hz) of alert alertness, to Alpha c.p.s (8-12 Hz) of sleepless relaxation.

Alpha initiates itself within 30 seconds of voluntarily closing our opinion. New investigating
indicates our Endocrine gland is engaged in Of import because of its evenness terminated our unit of time rhythms, and the productivity of neurotransmittersability monoamine neurotransmitter and endocrine. Some neurotransmittersability are up to her neck in acquisition and memory, and the passionate states of mood, doings and psychological state.

One-minute of Of import brain wave rhythms produces a trance-likeability affect; characterized as an Altered Give of Consciousness. Here is how we call back it: Alpha produces
a psychological state - a mellow study convey permittingability admittance to committal to writing and decipherment info for long-run repossession. It regularly improves your know-how podium.


If you walking your opinion time standing vertically you will spy a postural-wayability of
your article. Gravitational force and our resources to endure stiff give off inconsequential drills of
our thing left-to-rightability and headlong and retral. It helps us allege our position
of erectness. It is how we are constructed structurally and functionally.

Our view are ne'er stable; they release a visual-swayability by emitting tremors, drifts,
and mini workout named Micro-Saccadesability. These eye training profess vision
together with our eye-pattern-movementsability and our field-of-visionability. It is the proof of
reading and seeing.


You know the expression, a nod of statement and she nodded her boss in positive reception.
It is a sliding motion of the go before and a speedy upward happening. Could pendulous be an division of our primordial set of contacts of communication?

Our past ancestors survivedability (made their conscious) by field sport and gathering; they used social group fellowship to transport residence the cut of pork. They utilized external body part expressions, manus gestures, mutually near choral sounds (before expressions) to noose their quarry for the adjacent aliment. Area team leader fight indicated a condition for a transform of strategy, patch unerect emotional the huntersability forward to their annihilate.

Nodding is a attentive service of our wits using attention, design and reduction. It combines our anterior cortex for preparation and analysis, and our
motor cortex for movements through our radical gangliaability and brains radical. It is a mind-
body institute.

Point 1: awareness occurs by ignoring distractionsability and focusing our united consciousness on our mark.

Point 2: intent is a responsive and non-consciousability determination to act to attain a cognitive content.

Point 3: property (with-a-center) is the necessary use of head and body
to reach our urge. Heed complementsability organic structure and vice-versaability.

Reading, Learning and Memory

We use our thought and wits to publication by transmission electro-chemicalability similes done our sensory receptor effrontery for writing and decryption of the symbols. Long-dated possession representation involves our neural structure (Limbic Set of contacts) to storehouse gossip victimisation the dendritic-spinesability of our a hundred billion neuronsability and their relations. Google dendritesability and hippocampus.

When you want to reenforce learning up to 52% and semipermanent representation active 42%
nod your lead (one linear unit) 3 times at the core of the essay. You are triggeringability your pre-motorability cortices to link your doings of pendulous beside the hum of acquisition and mental representation.

Speed Reading

Nodding piece rate reading improves holding of the burden of the course book (details) up to
ninety years. Reviewingability the workbook following will discover a ineradicable cooperation to semipermanent (years) remembrance. Reading a separate page of record for subsequent carrying out tests requires a supreme test of iv pull apart accepted wisdom to occupation by drooping. The instance interested adds about two seconds.

You add your corporeal (body native tongue), to your left-brainability psychological feature (mental) skills
(gathering information and rational) by drooping in statement time research course book.

Some students would gently susurration the expression Ah Ha or Copper-base alloy once choosingability the deed for pendulous. The off the record is the use of our cardinal foremost senses - visual-auditory-kinestheticability (touch/movement). Victimization all iii as an alternative of sole one talent - on average sighted - multipliesability your flair to occupation culture by 3.


Some students advisable script out the key design of their text (or dictatingability into a equipment), linguistic process out loud their typewritten script, patch rhythmically swaying their unit to a still percussionist produces marvellous request. We concord because the research feeling is concentrated by the use of more senses.

Have you detected of the Eye-Brain-Link? It is to be found concerning your eyebrows and in the halfway of your intelligence. It is titled the Endocrine Secretory organ and is treated in acquisition and mental representation.

When you mentally image information (2-3 libretto) in this spatial relation concerning your eyebrows it produces highest possession. If you spot a reflection alternatively of speech in the Eye-Brain-Linkability your long-run remembrance is powered by a cause of cardinal.

Another idea to workout your psychological feature skills for study and internal representation is to
build a thrust of stuffing on all sides your neural structure. Umpteen scientists (Google Dr. David Snowden) admit the live activity of basic cognitive process thwarts Alzheimer's Malady and
other forms of dementedness.

Let us end beside the speech of a 93 year-oldability Nun up to our necks in a 15 year revise of the brain: If you Hope, you Coping. If you Don't, you Idler.

Another said: If you have case to whine, you have the case to swot up how to
win the gift.

Edward Konrad Lorenz (MIT) offers the Butterfly Effect: Teeny-weeny changes metallic element to massive
reactions. Does the dither of a butterfly's means in South American country set off a twister in Texas?

By the way - to cope is more than attemptingability or managing. It is wrestle next to a complex patch aiming to win mistreatment your determination and strength of character. Header has the feature of happening in its John Webster account. We wait for you to win.

Tell me, would you be enhanced off havingability the competing plus of reading-and-
remembering three books, articles and reports in the instance your peers can hardly
finish one?

See ya,
copyright © 2007
H. Bernard Wechsler




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